How to Create Eye-Catching Fitness Videos

Photo: Marcos Paulo Prado Licens: Unsplash
Photo: Marcos Paulo Prado Licens: Unsplash

Fitness videos have become popular in recent times. The onset of the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, and they are looking for more video content to support them while they are at their homes. You can not only avail yourself of these fitness videos, but you can also create fitness videos if you are a fitness freak. 

There are different ways of creating a fitness video. You can shoot a video while performing specific exercises and then edit these videos using an online video editor. A video editor has several tools and templates that can help you enhance the quality of the video and make your videos ready for social media. YouTube is the platform that has now become users’ favorite when consuming video content. You can create YouTube-friendly videos that can be shared on other platforms.

The fitness category is booming like crazy. You can jump and join the opportunity and create the kind of videos the audience is demanding.

Why Fitness Videos?

Nothing works better than video content when it comes to storytelling or creating a tutorial. Using videos, you can capture every expression and every movement of the muscle, which becomes essential for a person who wants content on a fitness regime. Fitness and videos have been a secret sauce for ages now as this type of content has done exceptionally well on TV as well.

Now, several fitness influencers have also come into the picture. They create fitness videos that are watched by millions of people. These videos have helped these influencers in building an audience for video content. The audience eagerly waits for video content by these influencers as they make it a habit to bring these videos to their daily healthy lifestyle.

How to create good quality fitness videos?

It might be a little intimidating if you create your first fitness video. However, you will become much more comfortable once you record and edit your first fitness video. Shooting your fitness video can be a complicated affair. It would be best to have the correct equipment, video editing tool, and a video strategy to create exciting and engaging fitness videos. It is unnecessary to have bulky equipment in place to shoot a good fitness video. Even your smartphone can do the job. There are some things that you will need to create an impactful video. These things are:


The smartphone industry is booming, and every day, a new phone enters the market. The technology used in these phones has become so advanced that you can easily shoot an HD or a 4K quality video using a smartphone. You can easily use a smartphone to create ’Selfie-Style’ fitness videos. Several smartphones give you features like excellent low light recording, night mode, etc., which can be brought to use while shooting a fitness video. You can also create time-lapse videos to cater to the different segments of the market. You can buy a good smartphone and start with your creator’s journey.

Smartphones are good enough to capture fitness videos. However, if you have a digital camera with you, that would be excellent. This is because you can then have a device that is solely secured for recording and storing all of your fitness videos. Today’s cameras are pretty compact, and you can take them with you wherever you want. The image quality and the video quality provided by the digital cameras are beyond perfection. You can then use an online video editor to edit your videos and make them more audience-friendly. You can also get different add-ons with your digital camera, like a tripod stand, etc., that can help you create the best fitness videos.

Several other things go into creating quality fitness videos. Several technological advancements have been made in the video industry that can help you create the best fitness videos. Some of the other things that you must take care of are as follows:

Composition of the Videos

You can get your video artist to do the best exercise, but it is futile if the exercises are not captured in the right frame. Therefore, you will have to adjust the frame according to your trainer and then shoot the video. You must be clear if you want to record a portrait or a landscape video. Once you get the orientation of the video right, half of your problems are solved. Using a smartphone, using the landscape mode is advisable as it is the default setting for most professional cameras. Once the frame is set, you can start shooting your fitness video.


A fitness video without audio can turn out to be a flop show. Therefore, adding interesting audio to your fitness video is extremely important. You can either play a boom box while the video is recorded or silence the sound coming from the video and add a relevant audio clip later on. You can easily add an audio file using any easy-to-use video editor. Alternatively, you can add a mix of instructions with light background music to clear the instructions, and the audience also gets some music to enjoy while working out.


A poorly lit fitness video can turn off your audience. Therefore, you must think before shooting your fitness video, does your home need more light? You should shoot in a room where the lighting is proper. It is not necessary to have a very elaborate lighting system, but you should have enough light so that the audience can see the instructor. You can also adjust the lighting using video editing software once the video has been recorded; you can also buy a clip-on LED light to get a good lighting source while shooting your videos. You must try and avoid direct lighting as it can cause many shadows, which might disrupt your fitness video.


The fitness video you are trying to record should focus on the trainer more than on the background. You can tap on your smartphone’s screen to sharpen the focus on a person or an object in a fitness video. The digital camera has autofocus on generally. You can ensure that the autofocus on your device is on for best results.

You can set aside a few hours to shoot your fitness videos every day. You can create a channel on YouTube and a page on Instagram and share these videos.


The fitness video market is growing, and you can have a fair share of the market. You can create exciting fitness videos that can become a part of the daily regime for many people. You can also promote your fitness video on many channels.

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